Conservative Party member urges public to hold officials accountable

Posted 1 January 2016 at 12:00 am


Citizens of Orleans County, do you know we are paying for a lobbying firm? When asked, at a recent meeting, what we were getting for our money the County Legislature could not, or would not answer.

The Conservative Party committee in Orleans County wants people to know this is an example of the things that are going on at the county level. The Conservative Party supports term limits so this kind of disconnect between politicians and the people they are supposed to represent is kept to a minimum.

It seems, looking at the national, state, and even the local political scene this is the only way to “fix” this problem. This apparent arrogance does not seem to be limited to any specific party but is real!

There were some surprises in the last election and some people in the “establishment” were not happy about this. These people are more concerned about their political party than the will of the people and, again, this is true of both Democrats and Republicans.

Please get involved, attending your town and county meetings. Ask questions and hold our elected officials accountable.

Ken Longer
Town of Kendall
Conservative party committee member