Conservative Party chairman states support for Bower and Bourke

Posted 9 September 2015 at 12:00 am


Yes, it’s a heated race, both weather wise and temperament wise.

Has there been any finger pointing, or demeaning remarks about anyone from Lt. Chris Bourke? I rest my case. The race for sheriff of Orleans County, the most important election in the county this year, is what I am referring to, and is closing in fast.

The Republican Primary is Thursday, Sept. 10, from noon to 9 p.m. Don’t forget.

The two Smiths, Orleans County Undersheriff Steven Smith and his son Todd Smith from Churchville, which is not in Orleans County, have been hasty in rendering disparaging remarks about our Orleans County deputies, and Sheriff candidate Randy Bower’s campaign.

Todd Smith from Churchville made remarks about Randy Bower’s campaign gestures at the St. Rocco’s Italian Festival held in Hulberton on Sunday. I can understand that some folks may have taken issue with some of the campaign rhetoric, such as red shirts with the slogan “Randy Bower Your Sheriff” imprinted on the back. I was proud enough to have worn mine!

For Todd Smith to have written that the attendance was way off because of that incident is a bit over the top. The weather, and the economy had more to do with a lower attendance, if that was the case. People seemed to be coming and going all the time while I was there.

Myself, I like the heat, bring it on, but my wife literally hates it, and I think some people that could afford to support St. Mary’s and St. Mark’s of Kendall stayed home in the air-conditioned house or in the pool.

At events that I have attended, there certainly haven’t been people in the numbers that there has been in previous years. I didn’t see people driving in, and abruptly turn around to go back out, because of the red shirts. I also didn’t happen to notice people on their cell phones calling their friends, and neighbors, and telling them not to bother coming because of the red shirts. People could not form an opinion unless they were physically there.

This is the scenario that I will throw out to you. I believe it possible that if Tom Drennan is elected Sheriff of Orleans County that Steven Smith will remain the Undersheriff. I could be wrong, but I think Tom Drennan is not naming him beforehand because it may have a detrimental effect on his chances to be elected.

How would a person like to work as a commander in a department with personnel that he has literally run into the ground?

Vote for Randy Bower and his Undersheriff Chris Bourke, and give the Orleans County Sheriff deputies some peace of mind while putting their lives on the line protecting all of us, and our families.

Al Lofthouse

(Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party, which has endorsed Bower for sheriff.)