Conservative Party chairman says Bower showed commitment to Constitution during candidate forum

Posted 23 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I don’t remember a race for the Orleans County sheriff’s position, maybe because I was too young, busy with the business, or just plain apathetic at the time, which is prevalent in today’s society.

At any rate, the Orleans County Sheriff candidate forum on Wednesday at the Albion Elks Club on West State Street was an event to behold.

First, thanks to the Elks Club for making their club available to Orleans County SCOPE and NY Revolution at no charge. And a big round of applause and thanks goes to Mattie and Joel Zarpentine of NY Revolution, David and Marsha Thom of Orleans County SCOPE, and Steven Aldstadt of NY Scope for their dedication to a good Constitutional government, and all of the work and detail that went into hosting this forum.

Also kudos to Tom Rivers of Orleans Hub, Jim Krencik of the Batavia Daily News, along with various other photographers, etc. for the covering of this important Orleans County event.

Now, down to the “nitty gritty.” It is my opinion that Randy Bower, during the Question and Answer period, clearly knocked it out of the park, and the other two candidates are still looking for it.

Randy Bower was clear, and precise with his answers, not differentiating from his views and plans, the same ones that he had started his campaign with. Randy Bower pointed out that the Orleans County Legislature had passed a resolution calling for the full repeal of the SAFE Act. Therefore it was the will of the Orleans County citizens, and if he is elected sheriff, he would not enforce the unconstitutional law.

The Democratic Party candidate for sheriff would enforce the SAFE Act, spend whatever it would take to keep up with “the Jones” (my words) and create professionalism within the Sheriff’s Office in order to make the employees want to come to work. Really!

The former Republican candidate, whom Randy Bower overtook in the Primary election, said he also would not enforce the SAFE Act, and stated that he would administer a more employee-employer friendly atmosphere within the Sheriff’s Department so the employees would look forward to starting their shifts each and every day. I ask, what has happened? Why hasn’t it been a decent place to work all along?

Along with the everyday problems, changes, and decisions that confront all of us, the deputies are dealing with a larger more critical issue, which I won’t expand on, but they have taken an oath, and are dedicated in maintaining the safety of the Orleans County people. They don’t need to go to work and start their shift at having to deal with a sour-pussed, disgruntled superior.

We know by their endorsements: the Orleans County Deputies Association, the NY Deputies Association, and the Orleans County Sheriffs’ Employees Association have all lined up and are standing with Randy Bower.

With smiles on their faces, and hope in their hearts, they are looking to the Orleans County voters to elect Randy Bower as the new sheriff.

Let us not fail them, or ourselves. Get up, get out, and vote for Randy Bower on Nov. 3.

Vote on the Republican line (2nd line down on the ballot) or the Conservative Party line (3rd line down on the ballot) for Randy Bower.

Being the Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman at the present time, I am biased, and would like to see the votes on the Conservative line, but in this case, either the 2nd or 3rd line down “Randy Bower for Sheriff” would be just fine.


Allen Lofthouse

(Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party, which endorsed Bower for sheriff.)