Conservative Party chairman critical of Ortt for backing state budget

Posted 22 April 2015 at 12:00 am


Yes, Sen. Ortt, by voting for the bloated NY State budget, you lied and are a big disappointment to those of us that are working to get rid of NY SAFE ACT, and Common Core, both bordering on communistic and Nazi ideology – my opinion.

The budget expanded the monies available to certain areas of the NY Safe Act, and also funded Common Core, all the while assuring the people in your district that you were opposed to both issues.

Sen. Ortt, being a Republican, can you lay out for the people in your district, the exact Republican Party Platform that you subscribe to? I believe that you make up the platform as you go along, to suit yourself as well as a majority of your party cohorts. “Higher taxes and larger government” instead of the opposite.

Knowing that you come from the same political family as your predecessor, that you voted for the “Message of Necessity” and the budget, does not come as a surprise to me. Unlike your predecessor, subtlety is not your strong virtue, it seems to be one of arrogance and “in your face” and if you don’t like it, “tough.”

Sen. Ortt, you most likely will be banking on the mindset of the apathetic, and forgetful voter in your district between now and your next election cycle, that all will be forgiven. I will do my best to see that your name, and the negativity of your acts will be kept current in the minds of all that I associate with.

Keep in mind, Sen. Ortt, that you cannot serve two masters – the voters that hired you to do the job that they thought they could expect you to do, and the party hierarchy that would use you to further themselves personally.

Also, Sen. Ortt, please remove my name from your “mailing list” of “self-graded report cards,” because I make it my business to stay in tune to the “antics” of the elected in my district and area.

I also will be working in my small way to find someone who would be willing to primary you. I have a couple of good Americans in mind!

Most Sincerely,

Allen Lofthouse

Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party.