Candidate urges shakeup on Yates Town Board

Posted 21 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I urge Republicans, Democrats and independents to vote for the Conservative-endorsed candidates. Many of you are disenchanted and frustrated with the candidates that are chosen for you and the incumbents that work for their own self-serving interest.

As a resident of the Town of Yates I can’t tell you how incompetently our town has been run for decades. Finally this wind project has brought to light how incompetently, unethical and out-right in violation of town and state law that some of the dealings of this board has been undertaking.

Decades of no supervisors reports, a bookkeeper on the town payroll as an employee that receives all the benefits of a municipal employee yet pays someone else in her firm to do our town books that is NOT a town employee as admitted by the town supervisor in front of a crowd of at least 50 people last meeting.

An unopposed Highway superintendent that for 20 years left the roads in this town in the winter time in such a dangerous, deadly condition. Many accidents were never even reported.

I kept writing letters to the town pointing out how incompetent this man is, and only then did the roads improve. You could eat off the roads last winter and that is because of me and my letter writing to the town.

The town has even had to hire an engineer at taxpayer expense to advise this man what should be done. Why hasn’t anyone stepped up to challenge this incompetence? There are certainly more qualified people in this town who can do that job better than him.

Whether you are for the wind turbines or against them, every single member of the current Town Board should be voted out of office – not because I don’t like them personally. They have only been elected because they are popular old boys and the public has never seen them in action till now.

They act like they don’t know what they are doing and they seem not to care because only I have been questioning them until now. Many people have seen them in action now and the opinion of this board has changed and rightly so. It is overdue time for a change in the Town of Yates.

The Conservative Party is endorsing Glenn Maid for Town Councilman. Glenn is very competent man with fresh ideas. He is a retired police officer and most importantly he has ethics. He will have no tolerance for corruption and underhanded dealings. His slogan is “Effective Leadership.” I truly believe this man will do a stellar job like this town has never seen before – for the people of this community.

Folks it is time for change. Not just for the sake of change but because we need it for a better future. As the vice chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party, I highly endorse Glenn Maid for Yates Town Councilman. He will fight for you. He is a leader. You can find him on Facebook to hear more of what he has to say at Glenn Maid for Yates Town Board. You will be impressed at this man’s intellect.

Please write in Jim Simon for Town Supervisor, and vote for John Riggi for Town Councilman. The entire board needs to be changed and now is the time to do it. These men will steer this town in the right direction.

Vote Randy Bower for sheriff.

Don’t forget to vote for Paul Lauricella for Legislature District 2 and don’t forget to vote for James White Legislature at Large.

We are the candidates of change up at the county. We will not be the rubber stamps that our opponents are. We will work for you and a better Orleans County.

Thank you for your consideration.

Paul Lauricella Jr.