Candidate says he would work for greater good in Yates

Posted 27 August 2015 at 12:00 am


My name is Glenn Maid, and I am a candidate for Yates Town Board in the November 2015 general election, on the Conservative Line.

Like most people, my views are broader than one particular political party or only one set of ideals. There are many facets to life in a small town; any town for that matter.

I have built my life, and 32-year law enforcement career, on some very basic principles taught to me by my parents. Take responsibility for your actions, have care, compassion, respect for others, and make the right decision. Not the one that just “makes you look good.” Leave something better than you found it.

In that vein, helping Yates advance in many areas is very important to me. Carefully planned and executed residential, commercial, and economic growth is vital to the town’s future.

The protection and promotion of our agricultural assets is also important to me. I have always believed in the phrase, “No farmers, no food.” Whether it’s cattle or produce, it needs to continue in Yates.

I base decisions on the law with careful review of all available information. I will listen to your input and use common sense to make decision for the Town of Yates. Doing what’s best for the community has to be in the forefront of any deliberation, plan and action.

I have the desire and dedication to help our town thrive, while maintaining the hometown feel we all know and love.

It’s time for something new; clear, concise, effective leadership.

Join me. You can follow my platform on at “Glenn Maid for Yates Town Board.” I hope to earn your vote on November 3rd.

Glenn Maid
Candidate for Yates Town Board – Councilman