Candidate battles status quo in Carlton

Posted 9 September 2015 at 12:00 am


Voter apathy. It isn’t the way that our founding fathers had in mind, but it is the way it has been done for years in Orleans County.

The leaders of the Republican Party hand pick candidates to fill the available positions up for election. No need for a primary because there is no opposition. The general election comes along, the Republicans get the majority of the votes and victory is declared. End of story! Nothing changes.

Don’t blame the party leaders, they know voter apathy when they see it. They have been doing what must be done to keep the local government running. It does not get the best person into office. Your voice isn’t heard. But now there are signs of unrest and change!

Something new is happening in Carlton Township. Status quo is being challenged. Frank Lauta has successfully collected the number of signatures on petitions to have his name appear on the Primary Ballot for Sept. 10 for the position of Town Board member. Party leaders in the mean time of course picked their candidates with the minimum of fanfare . For the first time in memory we have a horse race, not just a rubber stamp election.

Lauta has forced a primary. Lady Luck is on his side. In a drawing at the election office he won the first slot on the primary ballot.

Lauta is not a radical.

He is not a Tea Party candidate.

He is only a man who has lived here for 14 years, looked at the system that is in place and has decided to improve it, for the benefit of all the citizens of Carlton Township.

He wants to be a servant leader. (Visit his website to see examples.)

He is proposing to be an ally of Gayle Ashbery (Town Supervisor) to bring better government to the town. If you want to be part of it, put aside voter apathy and vote on Sept. 10. Vote for Frank! This will get Frank’s name is on the ballot for the general election in November.

How will the voters respond? Will they ignore the primary on Sept. 10 and allow for more of the “same old-same old” or will they cast their vote for change and a brighter future? The clock is ticking, time will tell.

Paul Zeppetella