Bower’s secretary showed willingness to work for all residents at Board of Elections

Posted 26 December 2015 at 12:00 am


The “word” is that Deputy Republican Election Commissioner, Clara Martin, is leaving the Board of Elections to become Sheriff-elect Randy Bower’s secretary.

The Board of Elections will have a near impossible task attempting to find anyone as good at her job as Clara Martin. She was the mirror image of Democratic Deputy Eileen Aina. The two of them embody the spirit of cooperation so notably absent in anything vaguely resembling government today. The Board of Elections may be the one place where such a tandem could be tested.

Throughout my foray into the turbulent waters of local politics, Clara was always accommodating and genuinely pleasant. There was never the slightest indication of needless partisanship where she was concerned. She embodies what is special about Orleans residents.

Bower’s choice for Undersheriff was superb with Chris Bourke. Clara Martin, in my opinion, is no less so. Bower is recruiting people who will be assets in ensuring that all county residents will be increasingly well-served by the Sheriff’s Department.

Clara Martin should be recognized for outstanding service at The Board of Elections. I would bet she will be no less outstanding in her new position.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent