Bower says he has team in place to run an effective Sheriff’s Office

Posted 9 September 2015 at 12:00 am


Chris Bourke and I have the knowledge, experience, and desire to serve the people of Orleans County. The time is now to give the Office of Sheriff back to the people.

For those of you who have witnessed our campaign over the past eight months, I pledge to you that we will have the same work ethic, drive, and accessibility as your sheriff and undersheriff that has been present in our campaign efforts.

It is a team approach I am bringing to the Office of Sheriff, and you are a part of the team. As the People’s Sheriff, I will focus my service on the people and be an effective advocate for Orleans County. When necessary, I will lobby Albany and our local governments for our public safety needs. We don’t work for the State of New York or any special interests; we work for you, the people of Orleans County. We are a team opposed to the SAFE Act.

Chris and I will work as hard for you as we have with this campaign for sheriff. As lifelong Orleans County residents, coupled with our 60 years of experience, we have a keen awareness of your public safety needs. It is that awareness along with our transparency, availability, and responsiveness that set us apart from my opponent.

My opponent, who is third in command of the department, along with Steve Smith, who is second in command, have occupied these leadership roles for the past eight-plus years. I ask you this – how are they doing? Are they approachable? Are you satisfied with their effectiveness or is it time for a change?

There are two unions that comprise the department’s workforce, and I am proud to have garnered the endorsements of both. It means a lot to me that those hard-working men and women, with their boots on the ground daily, have put their faith in me.

The team is in place to execute our comprehensive plan featuring attainable objectives that will improve all five divisions of the department, at no additional cost to the taxpayers.

In response to a question posed to me many times, “will the county have to buy you a special vehicle at a high taxpayer expense?” The answer is no. I drive a Chrysler minivan. The hand controls are $800 paid for by Chrysler Mobility Program. My vehicle costs less than a patrol car.

I have absolutely loved the entire process of this campaign and meeting all of the great people of Orleans County. Over the past eight months you have inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me that change for the best is possible.

In closing, I am truly blessed to live a life with great family, friends, and co-workers. I am running for sheriff to serve you, the people of Orleans County, and together we can make our public safety great.

Randy Bower
Candidate for sheriff