Bower has support of deputies, unions to lead Sheriff’s Department

Posted 8 September 2015 at 12:00 am


Why does the majority of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department back Randy Bower and not their “Top Cop”, or third in command? Some say disgruntled? But the majority? Doubtful!

Not endorsing “one of your own” is a vote of no confidence.

I’ve read the endorsements for Randy Bower that go beyond the Orleans County Sheriff’s Deputies and reach the state level. Why do the men and woman locally and at the state level, who put their lives on the line for us every day, not want to back Tom Drennan – “One of their own”? Are they disgruntled, too?

Several articles have been written endorsing each candidate, and everyone has a favorite based on opinion and work encounters. We can read about what past sheriffs have to say and how they worked with Tom, over 8-plus years ago. But my mind keeps coming up with the same question Why?

Why are the current members of the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, State Police, Orleans County Employees Association, NYS Law Enforcement Officers Union and others not backing their own?

Why does Tom Drennan have no endorsements? Some say because he didn’t ask for them. He says he didn’t ask for them. Why? If he was a better candidate then why didn’t those endorsements come automatically, especially being “one of their own”?

Across the country police officers are being shot daily. We have our own deputy right here in Orleans County and he backs Randy Bower to lead. Why? Now he puts himself out there to relive that horrible night and give his side of the story and within an hour he is being attacked again, and this time by “his own.” Why? Undersheriff Smith was out of state when the shooting happened so his involvement is all hearsay.

Do we want a leader that has been given the no confidence vote by his colleagues? What will this do to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department? As of the last 48 hours, the letters written, the social media attacks (that are downright insulting and offensive), I don’t see any good coming out of the Sheriff’s Department, and I don’t question the WHY’s anymore. If this is the leadership that goes on, it’s no wonder Mr. Drennan has no endorsements.

These are serious questions we as voters should be asking ourselves when we hit the polls on Sept. 10. And if you don’t have time to ask those questions before you pull the lever on the 10th, then you should ask yourself those questions again and again before November.

Martin Troup