Bower has passion, plan and respect to lead Sheriff’s Department

Posted 25 October 2015 at 12:00 am


Election Day is drawing near. I have read the many articles and letters to the editor in support of each candidate for Orleans County Sheriff and I have listened to each of these candidates speak.

I’ve been paying close attention to this race and what I keep coming back to in my mind is only one candidate truly has a plan for what he would like to accomplish when he gets into office, and that candidate is Randy Bower.

Besides providing the public with a detailed plan – a plan he has been straight forward about since day one, and is not piecing it together as he goes – Randy is detailed, organized and appears to have already gained the respect of those who would be his subordinates.

I have heard ad-nauseam that Randy Bower has no police experience – besides the fact that he has 29 years work experience in the Sheriff’s Department and is keenly aware of our public safety needs. I am surprised that many people are unaware of the fact that the County Sheriff’s position is an administrative position.

Many of these same naysayers are the first to speak very highly of our former Sheriff Dave Green and tell us what a great job he did serving the people of the county. I’d like to ask these same people, how this can be possible, when Mr. Green had no police experience before being elected as sheriff? The answer is simply this: You do not need to be a police officer to lead the Sheriff’s Department.

Our sheriff needs to an administrator with an open door to the public because the public is who he serves and works for. He needs to be someone who understands public safety.

With 29 years as dispatcher for the county, Randy is more than qualified. Our Sheriff needs to be a leader that all employees can look up to, someone who motivates, inspires and encourages his workers. That person is without a doubt, Randy Bower.

Other candidates may claim to be more qualified, but no candidate seems to be as serious about being the next Orleans County Sheriff as Randy Bower does. If you have just one conversation with Randy, you walk away knowing that he truly cares about serving the people of Orleans County. There is no one that is more passionate and prepared to lead the Sheriff’s Department.

For all of these reasons and more, on Nov. 3, I am voting for the Republican candidate, Randy Bower, to be our next sheriff, and I urge you to do the same.

Cindy Oliver