Bob Waters was a gift for Medina community

Posted 4 August 2015 at 12:00 am


I was pleased to read your tribute in the Orleans Hub on August 3, 2015. (Click here to see “Bob Waters exuded enthusiasm for Medina, Orleans County.”)

I have known of Mr. Waters since the early ’70s when The Journal-Register presses ran our Royalton-Hartland School newspaper. When we would tour, as we were learning the rudiments of Journalism, he always made an appearance, and would ask quite pointed questions for high school Juniors and Seniors.

I also ran into him at community functions and in the hospital. I am not certain he actually knew my name, yet always greeted me and inquired as to my well being.

His leadership of Medina was a gift. While we owe him nothing, I think it only reasonable to say that some lasting tribute to this gentleman (and I really mean gentleman) should be provided by the community he loved!

Once again, thank you for your efforts at providing news of quality to our communities in Orleans County!

Dayton Hausman