Bob Waters’ commitment to community service should inspire everyone of all ages

Posted 6 August 2015 at 12:00 am


Orleans County lost one of its more prominent citizens recently with Bob Waters’ unfortunate passing. Mr. Waters realized that Orleans County was blessed with many assets, none more noteworthy than its rich history. Any summary of everything he had accomplished, and continued to work on, would be exhaustive.

In light of our society’s emphasis on youth, Bob’s refusal to accept what so many see as the seemingly inevitable irrelevance of older age was striking. He would not be marginalized, regardless of the “terminal condition” we know as age.

He lent his talents, influence and stature to so many worthwhile causes. From Camp Rainbow to the Glenwood Lake Commission to the Orleans Renaissance Group to the Medina Historical Association to the Sandstone Trust and on and on, it appeared that there was no end to what he was willing to give to his community. Knowing him without loving what he was all about would be, to me, incomprehensible. He was the gold standard – “Mr. Community Service.”

Our society can be hard on the elderly. But, just as the 95 year old, Albion born, volunteer receptionist at the Ogden Senior Center several years ago so competently performed her duties, we would be greatly handicapping ourselves by not taking full advantage of what so many older people have to offer.

It would be fitting for us to honor the man I will remember for his vision, his ready smile, his kindness, his bow ties, and his huge heart by striving to continue on in the direction he helped chart for us. Bob Waters, even now, can be a role model. His life should inspire us all.

Sincerely yours,

Gary F. Kent