Belson, Bradley have proven dedication to Yates community

Posted 1 November 2015 at 12:00 am


As a resident of the Town of Yates, I support Wesley Bradley for town councilman and John Belson for town supervisor in the election on Tuesday.

They have done a superb job serving our town in the past and have earned the right to be re-elected. Their decisions have been for the best interest of our town.

SOS (Save Ontario Shores) members do not like the decisions the board has made. They sued the very Town Board board they are seeking to be elected to because they didn’t like one of the decisions made.

The following are working on a survey for all town residents: Wes Bradley, Councilman; Taylor Quarles, representing Apex; and Richard Pucher, representing SOS.

On Oct. 8, I received a survey from SOS. This survey had to be postmarked by Oct. 9. Since I am for the wind project, I found this survey were clearly biased and against the project that I support. It led me to believe that this was an attempt to undermine the survey the town committee is working on. That survey is fair for all residents, both for and against the wind project.

I personally know of homeowners and business owners who did not receive a survey. How does that make the SOS survey fair?

Our Town Board has not made a stance for or against the wind project. I will find out their decision, along with everyone else, when they make it public.

I vote for the person who will do the best job for our town. It is my right to put a sign showing my support based on the job they have done and how they handle themselves as board members.

The conduct the SOS members have shown at board meetings is not the conduct I would like to see if they get a seat on our board.

I urge the Town of Yates votes to cast their ballot to re-elect Wesley Bradley for councilman and John Belson for town supervisor. Let these men continue make their decisions, based on facts, not false statements.

I have every confidence that their decisions will be in the best interest of our town.

Donna Bane