Barre candidate says residents deserve facts, not half-truths

Posted 31 October 2015 at 12:00 am


After reading my opponents’ statements in last week’s Pennysaver, I was not happy. I filled out a ‘Freedom of Information Law’ (FOIL) form to collect the numbers. I looked at tax bills on different properties in Barre over three years, tax information and the bond issue in water district #1.

There is a 7.8% tax increase. There is a rise in state retirement and health insurance for town employees, courtroom equipment, contractual costs and maps for the water districts.

Remember last winter? Added salt purchases alone totaled $43,480 plus overtime, maintenance and fuel. Now if you compare your 2014 tax bill to your 2015 bill there is only a change of a few cents. The reason is that the reassessment for National Grid’s power line increased and offset our tax increase.

The water district #1 bond issue is a 23-year bond that started in 1994 and will be paid off in 2016.

The Town of Barre has a website (click here) that posts the minutes of all board meetings. Anyone can view the minutes, see the issues and who was present.

I encourage all to check the web site regularly, attend board meetings on the first and second Wednesday of every month and exercise our right for information.

I want to know the facts, not just half-truths, as I am sure you want. I believe in an open door policy and will work for you as your next Barre Town Councilman.

You want someone that will work for you and not just make promises then vote for Sean Pogue on the Republican line.

Sean Pogue