Barre candidate says he would be proactive in serving town residents

Posted 12 October 2015 at 12:00 am


My name is Sean Pogue, and I am running for Barre Town Council on the Republican ticket on Nov. 3.

As a resident of the Town of Barre for many years, I have had a devoted interest in what goes on in our community. Many of you may remember me from our last election when I ran for Barre Town Justice. I knocked on a lot of doors and spoke with many of you personally. I truly enjoyed our conversations and gained a great understanding of what you would like to see our wonderful Town of Barre become!

I received three times the votes that I was told to plan on, which means a number of you know I will make a difference. I thank you for your endorsement, and confidence in me!

I have been attending town board meetings for some time now to gain knowledge of the issues in our town. As your representative on the Town Board, I will have an open mind to your comments and concerns. Maintaining the flavor of our small agricultural community within the confines of our tax base and budget constraints is of concern to us all.

As a retired administrator of the Rochester City School District I had to continuously work within the constraints of a budget that would change consistently as the school year progressed. Planning in advance to obtain the needed materials my staff and students needed was the only way to obtain a successful outcome. I have always tried to be proactive rather than reactive. Careful planning will result in a positive outcome for us all.

As your elected official I will answer your concerns. If I do not have the answer, I will find it out and respond within a timely manner. You vote me into office to work for you, and that is what I will do.

For those of you that voted for me before I hope I can count on your votes again. Those that did not, I hope I can persuade you to consider me a worthy representative on the Barre Town Board. I am an honest straight-forward person that will not promise you one thing and do something else. I will work tirelessly for you and for the better of the Town of Barre.

Remember on Nov. 3 to look on the Republican line and vote for me, Sean Pogue for Barre Town Council. Thank you!

Sean Pogue