Apex should disclose compensation to military expert

Posted 1 June 2016 at 12:00 am


In reference to the article in the Orleans Hub on May 31, 2016 whereby H. David Belote, a retired Air Force colonel, writes in favor of Apex installing wind turbines in the Somerset-Yates area, it seems in the name of “transparency” that any and all compensation Apex is providing to this military person should be fully disclosed to the public.

Mr. Belote is giving his “expert testimony” that the wind turbines will not jeopardize in the least the Niagara Falls Air Base operations. Payment of large sums of money and gifts such as an automobile, credit card allowance for trips, etc., can influence “experts” to testify one way or another.

Apex has proven in the past to be a big lobbyist spending huge sums of money. I do not know Mr. Belote but I think his “testimony” should come along with full disclosure of any and all “compensation” by Apex.

Elizabeth Storch