Apex says it is committed to project in Yates and Somerset, will address community concerns

Posted 28 December 2015 at 12:00 am


We believe the results of the survey in the Town of Yates demonstrate what we have found over time. When people have a chance to learn the facts about the project, rather than being forced to rely on the misinformation being pushed by opponents, they become more supportive of Lighthouse Wind and what it means for this community. (Click here to see the survey results.)

The Article 10 process will fully study the concerns that remain, and we encourage people to get involved. We invite the public, as always, to stop into our office in Barker to learn more and ask any questions they may have.

Renewable energy is important for our future, and Lighthouse Wind continues the rich history of energy production in this area. Apex looks forward to continuing that dialogue and answering any questions people may have as they continue to evaluate the project.

As shown in the responses to questions 6, 7, and 8, survey respondents recognize the importance of assessing the potential impacts Lighthouse Wind might have on wildlife, health, and the Air Reserve Station. We also recognize the importance of these efforts, and we are confident that the studies required through the Article 10 process will accurately analyze and quantify these items.

It is vital in any wind project to correctly site the turbines to eliminate or mitigate health risks and environmental impact. Although this survey demonstrates that many community members still hold some reservations about Lighthouse Wind, we remain hopeful that once residents have an opportunity to consider the results of the studies we are conducting, they will become supporters of the project and the many benefits it will bring to the region.

Lighthouse Wind reaffirms its commitment to submitting an application under Article 10. We look forward to working with the communitiesboth during this Preliminary Scoping phase and while the studies are undertakento gather the information necessary to create a detailed application that will allow stakeholders to make a fact-based determination about the Lighthouse Wind project.

The application will be filed once all studies have been completed, and only at that time will we have enough information to determine the appropriate size, location, and turbine height for the project.

Until our application is submitted in summer 2016, it is impossible to fully judge the project on its merits. The Yates Town Board has taken a very responsible approach in waiting to take a position until all of the relevant information has been collected and submitted as part of the application process, and we encourage others to follow its lead.

Taylor Quarles

Development Manager, Lighthouse Wind
Apex Clean Energy