Another resident supports Culhane for town supervisor in Gaines

Posted 22 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I am a 38-year resident of Gaines, NY. As a homeowner and taxpayer, I want to applaud Allen Lofthouse and the Moshers for their letters supporting Carol Culhane as town supervisor. I agree with everything they stated.

Going to the monthly board meeting when I can, I have seen the change in management. I have seen my water bills reduced. I have seen fraud exposed and I too, applaud Carol for bringing these issues to the front. Her accomplishments include involvement of every aspect of running a town. She is accessible to the residents all day and into the night.

For many years, I registered as Independent. A few years ago, I realized, being independent doesn’t allow you to vote in the primaries. This is the bottom of the chain and this is where our politics start. So, I changed my registration.

The Gaines Town Board needs a supervisor who will work for the residents. We have that supervisor in Carol. I am only one little voice, but I pray that my neighbors in Gaines will support Carol Culhane as supervisor in the upcoming election.

Are we perfect? Not by a long shot however, this community is the best place to live and the people are wonderful.

Please elect Carol in our upcoming election. She is truly doing a wonderful job.

While I am at it, Mary Nealans was largely responsible for the Comprehensive Law and Dick DeCarlo initiated and got the water in the town of Gaines. They also have my support and my vote.


Katherine Marsh