Albion students, school district deserve praise for veterans concert

Posted 15 November 2015 at 12:00 am


As I sit at my computer enjoying my day off for Veterans Day, I feel compelled to try to compose this letter of appreciation. Being a veteran myself, I was moved by the wonderful concert Tuesday (Nov. 10) that was given by the Albion High School Music Department.

After reading earlier in that day of the projections for the student population decline in the coming years, made me even more impressed of the participation of the students at Albion.

The concert was moving and inspiring, and even showcased the talents of an Albion alum, County Historian, and former band member Matt Ballard.

It is easy to see why Albion continues to be recognized as an elite school for music. There were 155 choral members that participated last evening and 115 band members. Great job by Gary Simboli and Mike Thaine in the preparation of your students in such a short time from the beginning of the school year. Also, great job by the school administration in supporting the Arts at Albion.

Thanks again for the wonderful evening of entertainment.

Peter Toenniessen