Legislature ignores Mother Nature’s role in high lake levels

Posted 25 May 2017 at 2:20 pm


It looks like the Orleans County Legislature needs a reminder. As has been reported before, The International Joint Commission and Plan 2014 has had almost no impact on the current lake levels – it was all the precipitation.

If they would have bothered to look at some of the news from Canada they would have seen that the flooding along the Saint Lawrence River (which is mostly in Canada) has been much worse than around here. I guess that if they want the lake to be lower then they would be happy to have the flooding in Canada be even worse. Don’t the Canadians know that the world should revolve around us? Take 5 minutes and look at a map – if Canada wanted to they could build their own dam a little down river and cut the U.S. out of the equation completely.

A suspicious person might think that these politicians are not ignoring the truth for no reason. By twisting the facts and manufacturing an issue the local Republicans have another avenue to bash New York State and the Obama administration. They imply that the scientists and government officials who worked on a plan for over a decade are untrustworthy. And they seem to overlook the responsibility of people who own property right on the lake to assume some of the risks of nature.

Jason Dragon