Legislature candidate says he brings fresh perspective, courage to speak out on issues

Posted 31 October 2015 at 12:00 am


As I have campaigned, attended events and listened to the concerns of many voters there is one common theme that I keep hearing: “It is time for a fresh face.”

I am exactly that: a 21-year-old with a fresh perspective on the issues and a unique ability to work well with people of all different political ideologies. I am not your seasoned politician.

I am not someone who is controlled by a party. I am not someone who owes people political favors. I am a passionate person who has been raised in this great county and wants nothing more than to make a difference.

This past week, I saw two articles that my opponent (Don Allport) was quoted in. One of the articles he was quoted in dealt with him condemning the Article X process set forth by the Power New York Act of 2011 in regards to the Apex Wind Project.

Now, I want to be very clear, not only did I condemn the Article X process several months ago, but I did something that my opponent hasn’t done, I took a stance on the issue and I stated that I unequivocally oppose the project.

The other article that he was quoted in was in regards to higher gas prices in Orleans Countyand Mr. Allport is right, it’s wrong for us to be paying more in our county due to unfair zone-pricing. He chooses issues that almost no one can disagree withstate overreach and gas prices.

I mention these articles because, for the past several months, Mr. Allport has not appeared to be a leader in our county. He has not been heard from in months and hasn’t campaigned much.

Now, with just a couple of days left before the election, he is speaking out to be a leader, in a last ditch effort to gain publicity before Election Day. In other words, he is playing a political game and in turn playing you, the voters.

Lastly, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to all of my supporters for their support in this long campaign process. With just a couple of days left before we cast our ballots, I want urge and ask everyoneDemocrats, Republicans, Conservatives, independentsto vote for me on Nov. 3.


James White
Candidate for Orleans County Legislature