Legion commander in Lyndonville urges public to consider sacrifices by soldiers

Posted 18 May 2020 at 10:23 am


Traditionally, during the Memorial Day Service in Lyndonville, the members of the Houseman-Tanner Post 1603 take a moment to recognize those from our small town who are currently serving this great country.

The names of whom are sent to the post by their loved ones. It is kept as current as possible although unless a post member personally knows the individual, many go unnoticed by the post. Each year we get a few names to add to that list.

This year is very different though, with the cancellation of services due to the pandemic, I had thought about listing them here. However, once a serviceman, always a serviceman  (to borrow a phrase from the Marines).

I checked first. As I suspected there are regulations against this. Since I have absolutely no way to know who is deployed or is about to deploy, I will NEVER release any information that puts a brother or sister at risk . It is known that there are those who seek such information for ill will. No member of this post will knowingly aid such an enemy.

To that end,  whether you are an essential worker, a student, a new graduate about to start a new chapter in your life  or family member of those willing to raise their hand, take an oath and step up and defend this nation in whatever capacity they’re assigned, say their names, say a prayer for them and for them all.

When you see them out and about and you thank them for their service, please be a citizen worthy of defending.  Winston Churchill once stated, “Never in the history  of mankind has so much, been owed by so many to so few.”

He was referring to the men who fought the air war in the Battle of Britain. Though his quote is about another country, time and place, it is no less true today for us. Less than 3 percent of our population steps up to serve. When you thank them do so with the utmost sincerity.


Steve Goodrich


Houseman-Tanner Post 1603