Legalizing recreational marijuana is a bad idea

Posted 9 January 2019 at 9:52 am


One of the worst ideas ever to come out of Governor Cuomo’s office and to be proposed to the Legislature is the idea to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. What made our Governor change his mind?

Perhaps it was the lure of additional tax money that can be used to influence and control people’s lives. Society does not need another addictive substance to be freely available. While we crack down on the use of tobacco in order to promote good health, the door will be opening wide to the use of another addictive substance that is equally as bad, if not worse.

More “driving under the influence” will be one of the immediate results along with the attendant human suffering that accompanies it. This is well documented in states that have already legalized. Then there are the other addictive substances alcohol and opioids that are creating huge problems within our society and another will be added.

We are told the “benefits” outweigh the negatives. Have the negatives ever been honestly and openly discussed? No! The Governor’s Study Commission dutifully did his bidding to obtain more tax money.

Perhaps Albany has come to the realization that the free things so lavishly bestowed upon some, such as “free” college tuition are really not “free” and somehow have to be paid for. There is no free lunch! Consequently, the main motivation behind legalization is pure and simple greed. Albany does not need any more money to spend but certainly needs a truck load of spending discipline, and honesty to boot. “The power to spend is the power to destroy.” This cliché is most appropriate at this time. Let us come to our senses and drop this dangerous idea.

We will all be the better for it.

James C. Hoffman