Lee-Whedon will loan out WiFi hot spots beginning in January

Posted 26 October 2020 at 1:37 pm

Press Release, Lee-Whedon Memorial Library

MEDINA – Lee-Whedon Memorial Library has been selected as one of 20 U.S. libraries to participate in Community Connect: Digital Access at Home, an initiative of the American Library Association (ALA) and Capital One that offers cash grants to help rural libraries offer internet access and financial education for their patrons.

“We are so proud to be selected from a pool of more than 170 applicants to bring Community Connect to Lee-Whedon Memorial Library and the Medina community,” said Samantha Covis, Lee-Whedon assistant director. “Internet access is so important at this time for distance learning, remote working, and tele-medicine visits. We are also excited to offer online banking and money management resources.”

Five Verizon WiFi hotspots will be available for check-out beginning in January 2021. Lee-Whedon will also receive a $2,000 cash grant to support programs on financial literacy, online banking, and to enhance our collection of money management resources. For more information and a calendar of upcoming library programs, visit www.leewhedon.org.

As the past year has shown, people across the country are increasingly reliant on internet for essential services like education and tele-medicine, but rural areas often lack at-home internet access.

“Lee-Whedon has extended the reach of our onsite WiFi and purchased Chromebooks for students to use at the library,” Covis said. “This grant allows us to further strengthen our digital resources by giving people internet access at home.”

Lee-Whedon also offers WiFi access for the community from the library parking lot on West Avenue.

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