Learn from history and don’t lose the republic to chaos

Posted 16 October 2020 at 10:01 pm


You can. Admitting you are wrong is tough, but you can. Several of my republican friends have.  Just say, “I can” and do it.

After all, you are an American before you are a republican, just as I am an American before I am a democrat.

I know many quite well informed, intelligent people who cannot bring themselves to admit they are wrong to have supported what may be the world’s slickest con man.  “I can” theoretically learn from my mistakes. As ostensibly rational human beings, we all can.

Allow me to remind your readers that Russia’s Putin wants our widely revered President to be re-elected for a reason. That reason should be apparent when you see our President undermine confidence in our institutions of government and our very elections. When words give encouragement to domestic terrorists who are emboldened enough by them to plot the kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, it should begin to be obvious what that reason is.

Such radical domestic terrorists were thwarted by the FBI and our intelligence services the President has—unwittingly, or no—spent time undermining public confidence in, though they are important parts of our government.

These terrorists reportedly want what one prominent Orleans County businessperson told me that he/she would welcome—another Civil War!

Wake up, those who love your country, before the republic you love is lost to chaos and those who put themselves above the law. Learning from history should come before imitating it.

Alarmedly yours,

Gary Kent