Law enforcement students at BOCES learn takedown and defense moves

Posted 7 November 2015 at 12:00 am

Provided photos/Orleans-Niagara BOCES – Trevon Robinson of Medina, left, takes down Tyrellis Atkins (Medina) and Brent Oliver (Medina) starts a maneuver on James Ward.

Press Release
Orleans-Niagara BOCES

MEDINA – Students in Steve Browning’s and John Marotta’s Security and Law Enforcement program have been learning takedown and defense moves.

Retired Western New York police officer Joe Follendorf, who is an internationally recognized defensive tactics and firearms instructor, has been coming to the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center to show students how to protect themselves from being overtaken by a criminal and how to get the upper hand in a physical confrontation.

“We are very thankful to Mr. Follendorf for coming to work with the class,” says Mr. Marotta. “He has a very distinguished career as an Assistant SWAT Team Commander, Firearms Training Officer, Physical Force Instructor and adjunct academy instructor.”

Mr. Marotta says he and Mr. Browning have been teaching their students how important it is to know how to stand and get leverage when a suspect attacks them.

“They have to know that if the suspect gets the upper hand he could potentially kill you,” Mr. Marotta says. “To know these tactics could make the difference between life or death.”

Teacher Steven Browning shows Raeanne Lefever (Newfane) and Lindsay Fulwell (Medina) a takedown.