Latest quarter shows more opposition comments for Lighthouse Wind

Posted 10 April 2018 at 5:50 pm


The table below shows the results of an empirical assessment of public comments made to the DPS website in relation to the Lighthouse Wind Project as proposed for the Towns of Yates and Somerset by APEX Clean Energy. Since the first quarter of 2015, a total of 1,155 submitted comments have been assessed, tabulated and organized by support (in favor) and opposition (opposed) to the project.

All comments made to the DPS site regarding the Lighthouse Wind Project were included in the assessment and cover the time period from Q1-2015 through March 31, 2018.  All comments were read fully in order to ascertain position regarding the industrial wind turbine project.  The positions were tabulated as “in favor” of or “opposed” to the project.

The results are as follows:

Date Comments In Favor Comments


% In favor % Opposed
Q1-2015 0 40 0% 100%
Q2-2015 0 73 0% 100%
Q3-2015 35 157 18% 82%
Q4-2015 58 138 30% 70%
Q1-2016 31 165 16% 84%
Q2-2016 5 29 15% 85%
Q3-2016 21 67 24% 76%
Q4-2016 5 59 8% 92%
Q1-2017 0 25 0% 100%
Q2-2017 2 68 3% 97%
Q3-2017 5 21 19% 81%
Q4-2017 25 22 53% 47%
Q1-2018 35 69 34% 66%
Total 222 933 19% 81%

The overall results for the time period January 2015 to January 31, 2018 are as follows:

Comments In Favor of Lighthouse Wind Project = 222

Comments Opposed to Lighthouse Wind Project = 933

Percent of comments In Favor of Lighthouse Wind Project = 19%

Percent of comments Opposed to Lighthouse Wind Project = 81%

Two additional assessments were performed as part of  this comments assessment.

  1. Assessment of Multiple Submitters – Q1-2018: This assessment determines Opposition/In-favor percentages for those who multiple time to NYSDPS Matter Number:  14-F-0485 (Lighthouse Wind).  During Q1 – 2018, multiple submitters (both in-favor and opposed to Lighthouse Wind) submitted an average of 3 times.
  2. Assessment of Location of Residence – Q1-2018: This assessment determines if submitters are Yates and Somerset resident taxpayers or out-of-town submitters. Resident taxpayers include part time or full time taxpaying residents in the towns of Yates/Somerset.  Results are as follows:
Status Submitters In Favor % In Favor Submitters Opposed % Opposed
Resident Taxpayer 9 15% 52 85%
Out of Town 27 61% 17 39%

Results show that 61% of submitters in favor of the Lighthouse Wind Project are from outside of Yates and Somerset. In contrast, 85% of submitters opposed to the Lighthouse Wind Project are Yates and Somerset resident taxpayers. Clearly, those with the least involvement want the project imposed on Yates and Somerset.  This out-of-town effect was especially prevalent over the last two quarters. However, Yates and Somerset resident taxpayers, at risk of full exposure to this imposed project are continuing their exhortations to the State Siting Board for elimination of this toxic project, as they have done since January 2015.

The will of the people is clear. This project must not move forward. Article 10 must not be allowed to suppress Home-Rule and the will of the People.

The question now sits directly with Governor Cuomo.

Mr. Governor, when are you going to direct APEX Clean Energy to kill their Lighthouse Wind Project and get out of Yates and Somerset for good?

We’re listening and we will keep fighting.  This war does not end until APEX Clean Energy takes their Lighthouse Wind Project and vacates Yates and Somerset.

Thank You.

John B. Riggi

Councilman, Town of Yates