Latest championship for Barre connects grandfather and grandson

Photos by Tom Rivers: Cade Wolcott and his grandfather Gil are pictured on Saturday after the Barre Cubs won their third straight Albion Midget League title, defeating Sandstone, 9-8. Gil was on Barre’s first team in 1956 and has kept his uniform.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 July 2017 at 11:20 am

Gil Wolcott played for Barre in 1956 when league started and Barre took first title

Gil Wolcott at age 12 when he played first base for the Barre Cubs.

BARRE – In 1956 Gil Wolcott signed up to play baseball for the Barre Cubs. There was a new league and Barre was one of six teams in what was then the Central Orleans Midget League.

Gil played first base for the Cubs, and the team won the championship. Gil, retired owner of Wolcott’s Dairy, has kept his uniform through the years.

“My mother saved everything,” he said with a smile.

The past three years he has watched his grandson, Cade Wolcott, play a key part for the Barre Cubs as the team has won three straight titles in what is now the Albion Midget League.

Barre won on Saturday, 9-8, over rival Sandstone Park. The teams have met in the finals the last three years.

Wolcott has a team picture from 1956 and he can still name all of his teammates.

He and his wife, Donna, don’t like the real close games, like Saturday’s nail-biter.

“My heart can’t take it,” Mrs. Wolcott said.

Their son Tim is one of the coaches for Barre.

Cade Wolcott swings the bat in a recent game for the Barre Cubs. His father Tim is the third base coach for Barre.

The Wolcotts like to see the close friendships among the players, even from the other teams. After Saturday’s games, the Barre and Sandstone players shook hands and some even hugged each other. Friends from other teams that were knocked out of the playoffs attended the championship game to cheer on their friends.

“We’ve enjoyed watching these kids all year and seeing them get better over years,” Mrs. Wolcott said.

Saturday was Cade’s last game as a Barre Cub. Next year he moves up to the full-size field as a 13-year-old. He was one of Barre’s top pitchers and hitters throughout the season.

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