LaFalce, retired local congressman, endorses McMurray

Posted 4 March 2020 at 2:02 pm

Press Release, Nate McMurray for Congress

Former Congressman John LaFalce, who served in Congress for 28 years until retiring in 2003, has endorsed Nate McMurray to fill the vacancy in NY-27. LaFalce’s district in Western New York included Orleans County.

McMurray has also been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins, State Senator Tim Kennedy, the Working Families Party, and all 8 Democratic County Committees in NY-27. The special election is April 28.

Photo by Tom Rivers: John LaFalce, a retired congressman, speaks on April 22, 2018 during a fundraiser for the Geneses-Orleans Ministry of Concern.

LaFalce issued the following statement:

“I endorse Nate McMurray for the 27th Congressional District in New York State. Nate ‘should’ win. Nate ‘can’ win. Nate ‘must’ win. He ‘should’ win because he is extremely intelligent, educated, articulate, and has diverse and valuable life experiences.

He is a son of Niagara County, and has been Supervisor of a Republican town in Erie County which comprises the bulk of the Congressional District. He not only has a law degree from the prestigious Hastings School of Law, but, and this is a rare sign of excellence, he is one of the few attorneys who also has a Masters of Law.

Another rarity: he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, a unique sign of excellence.

His professional career has been devoted to business development and job creation, efforts that he can continue to pursue aggressively in Congress.

The day he is sworn in he can continue his efforts on two of the greatest problem areas confronting us – China and Korea – for he has worked as an attorney in both countries, and speaks both the Chinese and Korean languages.

He ‘can’ win for many reasons. First, he almost won in the same District in 2018, coming within less than one percent of Victory. Second, the Special Election is on April 28th, and that coincides with the Presidential Primary. It is most likely that the Democratic turnout will be far greater than the Republican turnout, giving Nate a definite advantage. Third, since his last campaign, he has developed an enormous and enthusiastic following both through personal meetings and through unparalleled use of social media. Fourth, there is a tremendous desire to elect someone who can stand up to Trump rather than be an Enabler of Trump.

He ‘must’ win for countless reasons. Unlike most Republicans, he will not be a Doormat for Trump. He will not be an Enabler of Trump. When Trump does or says something outrageous, he will not be silent, but he will speak out. He ‘must’ win if we want to have a Congressional check on Trump.

He ‘must’ win if we want Rep. Adam Schiff to be Chair of the House Intelligence Committee rather than Rep. Devin Nunes. He ‘must’ win if we are to do our part to help preserve, rather than repeal, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

He ‘must’ win if we want to have a Champion to challenge the misinformation and disinformation spewing from the mouths of the President, Putin, the Chinese, Koreans, and Iranians, etc. rather than acquiescing in the Pathological Pursuit of Presidential Prevarications. He ‘must’ win if we are to do our part to help save the Soul of America.”

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