Krull wins Carlton Highway Superintendent

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 12 November 2013 at 12:00 am

CARLTON – There were 49 absentee ballots counted this morning to determine the winner of the race for highway superintendent in Carlton.

Krull lost the Republican primary to Snook, 215-155. Krull, the incumbent, still had the Independence Party line and would be in the Nov. 5 ballot. But it would be a long shot for a minor-party candidate to win against a Republican backed candidate.

Krull refused to give up. He acknowledged he didn’t campaign much in the primary. When he wasn’t working, he was racing to get a roof project done on his home.

The past seven weeks he was out door to door. Many residents also stepped out for him, taking out ads and rallying support.

He won 434-421, widening his lead with the absentee ballots.

Krull said he has tackled many road projects the past four years. He thinks it will take four more years to get caught up on the road infrastructure.

“I’ve worked awfully hard for the people of Carlton,” Krull said after the final results were announced today. “I feel I stand up for the little guy.”

Snook is one of four motor equipment operators in Carlton. Krull said there has been division in the highway department during the campaign. Now that the election is over, he hopes the group rallies to work together for the good of the town.

“Hopefully this can all be put behind us,” Krull said.