Krull has been a huge asset for Carlton as highway superintendent

Posted 5 November 2017 at 7:33 am


I would like to ask Carlton voters to support the current Highway Superintendent, Dave Krull, on Nov. 7. The turnaround in our town over the last 8 years under his leadership has been remarkable.

His qualifications to continue in this role are exemplary. More has been accomplished with less. The town’s equipment has never been in better shape. Our roads have never been in such good condition. A lot of people have gotten town water down their roads in the last 8 years, all overseen by Dave. He is truly a jack of all trades.

We have been getting more for our tax dollars than we have for a long time. When there’s a job to be done, you can count on Dave to get right on it. Of all the elected officials in our town, none is more passionate about Carlton than Dave. His “can-do” attitude and concern for our entire community is something that we definitely need to keep in our town government. His knowledge of equipment, construction, and cost containment is unparalleled.

He has been a huge asset in the budgeting process. He realizes the need to work within a budget and the need to get the most value for the money we spend, and has taken advantage of any grant opportunities. He fights for the taxpayer, and is the voice for all taxpayers.

The Highway Superintendent position is a vital position to our town and rolling the dice with an unqualified person or someone without any management or leadership experience is not a wise choice.

Please vote for Dave Krull, and keep our town moving forward.

Debbie Wilson