Kendall town supervisor sees lots of progress in community

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 4 January 2018 at 9:40 am

Photo by Kristina Gabalski: Kendall Town Board members work their way through 39 resolutions during their organizational meeting Wednesday evening. Pictured from left include: Councilman Wayne Martin, Jr., Councilwoman Lynn Szozda, attorney Andrew Meier, Supervisor Tony Cammarata, Town Clerk Amy Richardson, and Councilwoman Barb Flow. Councilman Bruce Newell arrived later in the meeting and is not pictured.

KENDALL – Town Board members met for their 2018 organizational meeting Wednesday evening and approved a number of resolutions.

Town Supervisor Tony Cammarata, who was re- elected in November to a third term as supervisor, reviewed progress made on his election promises to residents, including bringing public water to more residents, residential and commercial growth, and safety improvements to the town hall and highway garage.

Cammarata reported that two new water districts will be created in the town in 2018 and two additional water districts will be created by 2020.  He noted commercial growth with new ownership for the Bald Eagle Marina and the recently opened Dollar General store.

“We have had 20 new residential building permits issued since I took office as supervisor,” Cammarata said. “That’s about five per year.”

The town hall and highway garage will receive new roofs in 2018, and power assisted doors will be added to the town hall in the spring or summer. Additionally, the town will continue to pursue conversion to LED street lighting, Cammarata said.

He explained that taxpayers now have the option of making partial tax payments, and the town expects to adopt the tax exemption for Cold War veterans in the spring.

“I would like to congratulate the recently elected people and look forward to working with them,” Cammarata said.

Town council members Wayne Martin, Jr. and Bruce Newell were re-elected in November, as were Town Clerk Amy Richardson, Justice Debra Drennan, and highway superintendent Warren Kruger.

Council members re-appointed Andrew Meier as town attorney, Patrick Bolton as chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, Andrew Kludt as chair of the Planning Board, Michelle Werth as Director of Youth and Adult Recreation, Heather Banker as town historian, Eileen Grah as librarian,  and Paul Hennekey as code enforcement officer.

Town Councilwoman Lynn Szozda was re- appointed deputy supervisor.

The 2018 salary and wage schedule adopted by council members includes no pay increases for the supervisor, councilpersons, town justices, the town clerk or the code enforcement officer.

The Superintendent of Highways receives a $2,000 salary increase to $53,250. Highway Department employees also receive increases in hourly wages for 2018.  Full-time motor equipment operators will now make from federal minimum wage up to $20.60/hour, an increase from $20.20; part time motor equipment operators will receive from federal minimum wage up to $14/hour, up from $13.36; full time laborers will receive from federal minimum wage up to $12/hour, an increase from $11.74; and part time laborers will receive from federal minimum wage up to $12/hour, an increase from $11.70.

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