Kendall supervisor takes issue with ‘misconstrued’ remark by Monroe Ambulance

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 14 December 2022 at 5:11 pm

KENDALL – Tony Cammarata, the Kendall town supervisor, insists the town was smart to not take action on a contract with Monroe Ambulance.

Kendall was initially part of a seven-town consortium in Orleans negotiating a contract for ambulance services with Monroe Ambulance. The agreement was for $200,000 to be shared among the seven towns, with the amounts based on their share of projected call volume.

Kendall is different from the other seven because it already had ambulance coverage in 2023 at no charge to the town as part of a deal with two fire districts – Kendall and Hamlin-Morton-Walker.

Cammarata spoke with the fire district leaders and they didn’t see a need to commit town funds for an ambulance contract when Monroe already offered to cover the fire districts in the town.

Tom Coyle, the Monroe president and owner, said during Carlton’s Town Board meeting on Tuesday that Cammarata “misconstrued” the contract and the services offered by Monroe.

The new contract with the seven towns would have an ambulance stationed on Holley that would serve Kendall.

But without Kendall not in the contract with the other Orleans towns the ambulances serving Kendall will come from Monroe County. Monroe officials said they plan to have three ambulances available in western Monroe next year. They currently keep ambulances stationed in Brockport which can be routed to Kendall for EMS calls.

Mike Schultz of the Kendall Fire Department said Kendall will be covered and should receive good service as part of the contract with Monroe.

Cammarata insists paying the $18,000 would have been an unnecessary expense for the town in 2023, when it already had coverage from the contracts with Monroe from the fire districts.

Those contracts expire after 2023. Cammarata said Kendall will likely have to pay with town funds in 2024.