Kendall sixth-graders move up to the high school in style

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 17 June 2021 at 10:20 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers

KENDALL – Caleb Opalecky, a Kendall sixth-grader, is in a cloud of color powder during a color splash as part of the sixth-graders moving up ceremony this evening outside the Kendall Elementary School.

Brayden Steffen  is blasted with color powder in the not-so-stuffy moving up ceremony.

The event had been the junior-senior high school auditorium in years past, until last year when there was a drive-through outdoor ceremony due to Covid restrictions. Students a year hopped out of their cars for a splash of color in a quick moving up presentation.

This year, with Covid restrictions eased, the ceremony stayed outside and the 51 students in the class sat in chairs in the parking lot with their families.

Jacob Abrams makes a dramatic entrance. Each student walked through a decorated doorway along the sidewalk, and Middle School Principal Kevin Watson shared some of their highlights from school, as well as a favorite quote from the student, a favorite memory, a favorite teacher and their future dreams.

The sidewalk was decorated with messages from parents, congratulating the students on their success in the elementary school and wishing them well in the junior-senior high school.

Parker Denning, a Kendall sixth-grader, is doused with color from Kendall sixth grade teachers as part of a moving up celebration. The sixth graders next school year will be in the junior-senior high school. The six grade teachers include Meghan Dill and Erin Coughlin, left, and Gaby Watson and Amy Bateman, right.

Adriana Schiavone is all smiles after running through the cloud of powder.

Brayden Mack takes several shots of color powder from the sixth grade teachers.

Aliie Wietz takes some direct hits from the teachers, who delighted in their role.

Preston Manners disappears in a fog of color.

C.J. D’Agostino emerges from the cloud of color powder. The ceremony was about an hour and half and was high-energy, like many of the students. Kevin Watson, the principal, as was DJ and played a range of music from “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang to “Back in Black” by ACDC.

Kaitlyn Hinman takes her turn through the color splash.

Lucas Ogden closes his eyes and soaks up the color.

Olivia Sawyer runs through the color splash zone on a sidewalk next to the elementary school.

Devin Derosia leaves a trail of color powder after darting past the teachers.

After the students all went through the color splash, they enjoyed a hay ride on a flat bed truck, courtesy of Kludt Farms. The ride went from the elementary to the high school.

Dana Longrod (right) is retiring after 35 years as a Kendall elementary school teacher. He is currently teaching fifth grade. Each student presented him with his favorite drink, a can of Mountain Dew, or his favorite snack, a glazed donut. Here he accepts a can of Mountain Dew from sixth-grader Conner Millard.

Mr. Longrod took up the challenge from the students and was doused with color powder from the teachers.