Kendall needs a different town clerk who will complete the many needed tasks in the position

Posted 4 November 2017 at 9:40 am


I feel with the election just one week away I have to step up and take exception to the letter of reference submitted by Ms. Banker, the Kendall Deputy Town Clerk. First of all, let’s point out the places where she is correct:

“Being a small town, the town clerk wears many hats – tax collector, comptroller, records keeper, registrar, DEC agent, and clerk to the Town Board…” There is no doubt about this statement, and it should be noted it has been this situation in Kendall and many other small town for an untold number of years.

The question arises as to the performance of these duties that beg examination in Kendall.

Tax collector… this year the Town of Kendall was fined by the county because we did not pay our tax bill on time. This is the sole responsibility of the Town Clerk and is the only officer legally able to perform this duty. The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility.


According to the dictionary the definition of comptroller is: “An officer who audits accounts and supervises the financial affairs of a corporation or of a governmental body.” While the Town Clerk does not supervise the financial affairs, she is responsible for all monies, other than the court income, that come into the town.

To that end, the current Kendall Town Clerk has refused to go to the Highway Department building and collect, count and catalog the funds from the coin operated water dispenser. This responsibility has been done by Highway personnel. The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility.

Record Keeper…

The previous Town Clerk spent considerable effort to update all records associated with the two town cemeteries. Over the last several years these records have not been neglected, but there have been several instances where complete omissions have occurred. The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility.


This is the person who is not only in charge of all official records, but is also responsible for the securing and protecting all records collected. This is indeed the sole responsibility of the Town Clerk. Since the current Town Clerk assumed this role, there have been numerous times the office of the Town Clerk has been left not only unlocked but completely open! Recently the Town Vault, where all the records are physically kept was found open. The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility.

DEC agent…

It’s a common occurrence where hunting and fishing licenses are issued without the person being present, and are being sent home for application of the official signature. This is an illegal application of the agent’s duty.  The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility.

Clerk to the Town Board…

Meeting notes are taken and recorded by the Town Clerk at all Town Board meeting. By NYS law these meeting must be made public within 14 days of the meeting. If one goes to the official Town of Kendall web page you will see that the last posting for Board Meeting notes is June 20th! The Kendall Town Clerk has failed in her responsibility- “to go the extra distance” in posting meeting minutes to the Town Website for ease of access for the community.

The Town Clerk also let her notary license lapse, and in so failed to offer that service to the public.

There is a reason that someone else, Janet Bolton, has been endorsed by both the Republican and the Democratic parties and is also on the Independent line. Janet is not on the Republican line only due to a technical error. The Town of Kendall needs a change. So again I will agree with Jennifer Banker’s letter … “do your own research and find out the truth.”

Charles Patt