Kendall GOP endorsed Janet Bolton for town clerk, not the incumbent

Posted 1 September 2017 at 7:54 am


It appears that some clarification is necessary in the race for Kendall Town Clerk.

Amy Richardson is NOT the endorsed Republican Candidate for Kendall Town Clerk. She did not approach the Republican Committee for their endorsement or support. The first indication that she would seek re-election was when the Orleans Hub announced her endorsement by the Conservative Party. She gathered signatures to force a Primary after she was informed that she was not the endorsed Republican candidate.

Except for a technical glitch at the Board of Elections, there would have been a Primary in Kendall. This glitch gave Amy the Republican line on the ballot without her having earned it or having any Republican support.

Where unfounded rumors about health and moving come from, I have no idea and deplore them. Her attendance is one of many issues, but not because of her health.

Janet Bolton is the candidate endorsed and supported by the Town of Kendall and Orleans County Republican Committee. Repeating that not only is Janet Bolton supported by the Republican Committee, she is also strongly supported by the Town Supervisor, the Town Board, Highway Superintendent and other Town of Kendall officials and employees.

This alone should show the need for a change in the Clerk’s office, but the Independence Party and the Kendall Democratic Party also endorse Janet Bolton and her name will appear on those lines on the ballot in November.


John M. Becker


Kendall Republican Committee