Kendall gives final approval to build new Dollar General

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 6 April 2017 at 10:43 am

Town would like sidewalk from store to main intersection, but can’t require Dollar General to do it off its property

KENDALL – Members of the Kendall Planning Board unanimously gave site plan review and subdivision approval on Wednesday evening to a 9,100-square-foot Dollar General. The retail store is proposed for Route 18, just west of the Kendall Road (Route 237) intersection.

Board members recessed their regular meeting on March 28 to set down conditions of the approval in writing before their vote.

Those conditions include two from the Orleans County Planning Board – that signage shall be in compliance with the Town of Kendall Zoning Ordinance, and that the area of the parking lot travelled by heavy duty truck traffic be constructed pursuant to the State Department of Transportation standards.

Also spelled out in conditions are stipulations in the selling and subdivision of land between the buyer and the seller and conditions of the Planning Board.

A number of changes were made before the vote was held. Board members included maintenance of the area of the parking lot travelled by heavy trucks, and added a condition that the construction of a concrete sidewalk from the store to the east property line be completed at the same time the store is built.

“We want to make sure it gets done,” Planning Board Chairman Andrew Kludt said.

Kendall Supervisor Tony Cammarata attended the meeting and said there will eventually be sidewalk all the way to the Rt. 237 intersection.

“Safety, health and welfare is important,” Cammarata said. “I am concerned. I don’t want to see pedestrians on Rt. 18 going west to Dollar General.”

He noted the speed limit is 55 miles per hour and the road is used by tractor trailer trucks.

Cammarata asked Planning Board members if the developer is willing to pay for sidewalk construction all the way to the intersection. Kludt explained that developers had already responded “no” to the board’s request.

“Sidewalk is a main concern for us,” Kludt said. “Their (the developer’s) perspective, is that it is not a concern. We don’t have the leverage in the codes to compel them to do it.”

Additional conditions of the Planning Board include a negative declaration on the environmental impact review as long as the developer’s plan meets state regulations regarding retention ponds and wastewater treatment.

Developers must return to the Planning Board regarding approval of proposed signage. Developers have said they have a separate sign vendor who works to pursue any necessary variances following site plan approval.

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