Kendall farm hosted Abby Wambach for apple commercial

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 13 September 2013 at 12:00 am

Courtesy of Mike Zingler -Mike Zingler is pictured with Abby Wambach during a commercial shoot at his farm in Kendall.

KENDALL – When the New York Apple Association was planning a new commercial to promote the state’s  $300 million apple industry, it wanted an apple farm close to Rochester, an orchard that was clean and a good representative of the industry.

The Apple Association picked Mike Zingler’s farm in Kendall to film a commercial featuring Abby Wambach, a Rochester native who holds the world record for most goals scored by a woman in international competition.

The new commercial featuring Wambach is now being aired. The soccer star also is featured in in-store advertising.

She spent part of July 30 at Zingler’s farm for the commercial shoot.

“She was great,” Zingler said about Wambach, whose family owns Wambach Farms, a farm market and garden center. “She is a gracious person. She’s really into farming.”

Wambach was hired as an apple ambassador because of her local roots and healthy, active lifestyle, said NYAA President Jim Allen.

Mike Zingler’s son, Jimmy, was able to meet Wambach. Jimmy, 20, played soccer at Kendall. He works at his father’s farm and is also a part-time college student.

Zingler is a past member of the NYAA board of directors. She has a reputation as a progressive grower with high standards at his farm, Allen said. Zingler also has an iconic red barn and a striking tree in the orchard that created an ideal farming atmosphere for the commercial shoot, Allen said.

“Mike’s location was just excellent,” Allen said.

The Apple Association is eager to promote this year’s crop, which is the biggest on record at 32 million bushels.

To see the commercial, click here.