Kaiser is well prepared to serve as Ridgeway Town Clerk

Posted 30 October 2017 at 10:45 pm


I am a former resident of Medina and have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Karen Kaiser for the past 18 years. I consider her to be an exceptionally talented, conscientious, and dedicated individual and endorse her unequivocally for Ridgeway Town Clerk.

Karen has excelled in the role of Deputy Clerk for the past 6 years, regularly seeking out and successfully participating in job growth and development opportunities including, but not limited to, tax collection, notary public, and marriage officer.

In addition to being fully trained for the position of Town Clerk, Karen has the business and banking background, maturity, and wisdom to fulfill her duties as Town Clerk with the utmost dedication to the residents she serves. She will serve all residents, not just special interest groups.

If you value experience, integrity and respect, then vote for Karen Kaiser for Town Clerk.


Gina George (formerly Gina Kilworth)

Bluff City, Tenn.