Kaiser has shown dedication to clerk’s job in Ridgeway

Posted 31 August 2017 at 10:57 am


As the Town Clerk for Tupper Lake, my Deputy Clerk and I have attended the NYS Town Clerks Association conferences and were fortunate to meet Karen Kaiser, who we can say is a friend and we look forward to seeing her at these conferences.

What we noticed about Karen Kaiser is that she is very dedicated to her job as the Deputy Town Clerk for Ridgeway, as well as the people of Ridgeway. Her motivation to learn and better herself for her town is admirable. She makes every effort to attend the classes that will benefit her town and is always making sure she is on top of all the laws and requirements.

We totally support Karen Kaiser because she is very dedicated to her town and her heart is to serve her community the best way she can.

Laurie J Fuller, Town Clerk, Town of Tupper Lake

Donna Maliszewski, Deputy Town Clerk, Town of Tupper Lake