Justice Alito stands up for life in abortion decision

Posted 11 May 2022 at 8:10 am


I applaud Justice Alito for truth and accuracy. You can always count on him to interpret the constitution as the founders intended. A great man in place at the right time.

This disgusting practice has no federal bearing in the founding documents and should have never been heard by the high court as it is a 10th amendment decision that is a state’s right and the right of the people of that state to decide. What I find appalling is the leak of this pending decision and the reaction from the violent left.

The unimaginable reaction from our democrat state officials is nothing short of derangement and severe mental illness. Rent-a-mobs marching in the streets displaying absolute insanity in favor of infanticide and murder leaves sane people with their jaws hanging. Especially since nothing has been passed yet.

The response from the completely failed Biden administration has been one of condoning while the violent Marxist left breaks federal law trying to intimidate federal justices at their homes.

No woman who wants to murder her unborn child will be denied. There will not be murders performed with coat hangers in the back of seedy bars. There will not be any other rights based on actual constitutionality repealed.

Thank you Justice Alito and the other justices for standing up for life against the communist left that seeks to destroy God and country. May this barbaric unconstitutional decision made so many decades ago be overturned and returned to the states and the people of those states where it belongs.

Maybe now we can have a real debate of just when life begins.

Paul Lauricella