Junior FFA makes lots of scarecrows in Medina

Contributed Story Posted 26 October 2014 at 12:00 am

Provided photos
The Junior FFA in Medina made numerous scarecrows on Thursday when 70 FFA students participated in a scarecrow contest.

This is an annual event for the FFA near Halloween. In this photo, Junior FFA officers Alyssa Root, Kali Schrader, Corinne Hill, Kaela Grosslinger and Shelby Martin lead younger students in directions on how to create scarecrows. Then they get to spray paint the round bale as a team.

All the Wise Middle School teachers are asked to vote on their favorite scarecrow. The students learn teamwork and also have a great time working on the scarecrows, said Michele Crandall, Junior FFA advisor.

The Junior FFA continues to be a growing program. This is the first year the Junior FFA includes fifth-graders.