Josephine Seitz celebrates 100th birthday at Orchard Manor

Provided photos: Josephine Seitz, front center, is pictured with family and friends during a 100th birthday party today at Orchard Manor Rehabilitation & Nursing Center in Medina. Front row includes Josephine Seitz and Arlene Winters. Back row, from left, includes Pat Wechter, Diane Mazur, John Fearby, Maryann Fearby, Stephen Mazur, Marian Fry, Steve Seitz, Judy Preston, Ann Rook, Corey Winters, Alisha Foss, Bob Rook, Al Preston and Dennis Winters. Missing from the photo: Christina O’Donnell, Francis & Diane Domoy.

Posted 15 May 2018 at 11:15 am

Courtesy of Orchard Manor Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Josephine blows out her candles with a little help from her daughter, Liz Winters. Josephine’s son Steve Seitz is in back.

MEDINA – Josephine Seitz celebrated her 100th birthday today at Orchard Manor Rehabilitation & Nursing Center surrounded by family, friends, residents, and staff.

Born in Buffalo, Josephine (Mazur) Seitz was raised on a farm in Shelby. She came from a large family with seven siblings. Josephine raised two children and now has three grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

According to her daughter Liz, Josephine was a good cook, making the best vegetable soup around.  “Jo” loved spending time in her vegetable and flower gardens and other hobbies included canning and cooking.  She was very family oriented.

Josephine was always a friendly neighbor. Josephine’s daughter Liz found out years later through old neighbors that “Jo” would tie bags of vegetables to their doors. To this day, Jo makes her daughter bring in potatoes, zucchini and summer squash for Orchard Manor staff, to continue the tradition. Josephine’s son Steve is known as the “Candy Man” for providing candy for Josephine to have in her room to share with the staff and her visitors.

When asked about reaching 100 years old, Josephine said she attributes it all to working hard her whole life.

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