Jan. 6th Committee shines light on dangerous divisions in the country

Posted 17 June 2022 at 9:55 pm


The Jan 6th images are lasting. “BS”, “Nuts”, “Crazy”, “Ignorant” all words coming from the lips of this nation’s most notable conservatives with impeccable expertise and credentials.

Believing in the “Big Steal” is now  sad, even laughable, folklore. Our election officials knew all along how to run fair elections.

Each day we learn of one, two, three Trump allies who asked for pardons. (Asking for a pardon as you know means admitting guilt because accepting one is an admission of guilt.)  Congressmen, lawyers, officials of every stripe it turns out were included. (The problem with granting them pardons was how to write the pardon without implicating the President; MAGA rallies now talk about re-electing Trump to pardon them once and for all.)

A problem that remains will be those who clamored “Hang Mike Pence” with a gallows prepared outside. They need to be treated as terrorists. (Congratulations to the writer from Lyndonville for not following their phalanxes into the Capital as planned.)

A problem that remains will be the new laws in some states that allow governors to set aside the popular vote. That and making voting harder for the elderly and minorities will require huge turnout efforts. Considerable effort to put the Republic over power will be required.

The power grab will continue and  the average Joe will have to choose between helping others angle for power and simply being laughing stocks who do not wise up about who and what are on their side.

Fortunately the resolution to these conundrums is to cross party lines and vote for politicians who will cross party lines.

The Jan 6th Committee more surely than ever points out that gridlock is a culprit. MAGA is at most more of the same and at worse “a clear and present danger” to the Republic as arch conservative Judge Luttig put it.

Pictures and patriotic conservatives are making the point.

Conrad F. Cropsey