Jan. 6th Commission will show insurrectionists trying to thwart democracy

Posted 8 June 2022 at 10:47 pm


Woodward and Bernstein (one Dem and one Rep) did the dogged reporting which resulted in the Watergate hearings. That was the all-time biggest Congressional investigation until the current Jan. 6th commission.

The public portions of those Watergate hearings were televised daily and ultimately brought down a crooked President 48 years ago. Woodward and Bernstein are now releasing their audio tapes of ex-President Trump and say Trump thinks nothing of things Nixon would never dream of.  So what will the hearings bring. Fireworks it appears.

Thursday (June 9) starts the public portion of the Jan 6th Commissions results to date after interviewing a thousand witnesses.

The first night they have a tape of the leaders of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers meeting in an underground garage doing final prep for insurrection. We will finally get to hear what they say. Those  supremacists (replacement theory and worse) were so sure that they and Trump would usurp the election results the next day that they brought a video documentarian.

But where is Fox News in all this?? It’s not showing the hearings! Fox learned its lesson when it correctly called Arizona for Biden first and lost viewers for months. You know who was angry and you can’t have that.

If Fox is not an alt right, cancel culture operation with woke politics. The fact is that after running 1,000 Benghazi segments, Fox would run the Jan 6th Committee hearings for real unvarnished testimony. It will even feature Vice President Cheney’s daughter for impeccable conservative creds.

(Anyone who wants to read the proof of the “big steal” can join “Pacer”. Look up the Court name and case name each time Trump lost. So long as you only look and do not print (which costs money) you can look at all the bogus exhibits Trump and his gang said proved the election was rigged. (Last count 65 Trump attorneys have had their licenses pulled or under review.  They are getting scorched for pursuing TV style fakery.))

So between this hearing and the discredited Court exhibits you can get an education Thursday night and start to figure out who is pulling for you or just pulling your leg.

It’s just not going to be on Fox which would lose viewers for showing real democracy in action.

For real reality TV, Thursday night is a must see.

Conrad F. Cropsey