Jacobs warns of all kinds of scams, but doesn’t mention his role in undermining election results

Posted 22 January 2021 at 4:27 pm


Got a 2-page color “Senior Fraud Alert” from Chris Jacobs in the mail the other morning (although he didn’t mention how much of our tax money he spent to send out a few thousand of them.)

Talked all about the latest scams we should be careful to avoid: Medicare scams, Grandparent scams, Fake accident scams, Charity scams, etc., etc.

I was disappointed though he didn’t mention one of the biggest scams out there, one he himself has been working on: the big lie that the recent presidential election was “stolen”!

He’s one of the minority in Congress who thought they all should spend more of their time, and our money, pursuing false claims of election fraud in the states where his candidate got fewer votes, but was somehow not declared the winner. All in the middle of the worst pandemic in a hundred years – but first things first.

Now Grandparent scams, etc., can result in the loss of serious chunks of money, which we grandparents can really use while sitting around eating snack food all day, due to the amazing management of the Covid pandemic by our new ex-president (well at least he managed to get us the most of something!)

But Jacobs’ fraudsters weren’t just stealing our money, they were trying to steal our government, our electoral democracy.  An election in which thousands of loyal Americans, of every stripe, worked hard, diligently and honestly, to count our votes and certify an accurate result.

Unfortunately, the scam our congressman has been supporting caused an insurrectionist riot and attack on our national Capitol. That may well not have been a consequence he intended, but does it really matter? Should those who act irresponsibly be held accountable for the unintended consequences of their reckless behavior? Even if he’s only doing it so the right-wing radicals will vote for him again?

At any rate Chris Jacobs, thanks for all the advice about Senior Scams. And we know you didn’t mean it, but because a bunch of crazies believed that lie, our national Capitol was ransacked and people died, including a policeman. You really did us proud!

Don Welch