Jacobs wants schools reopened for in-person learning, five days a week

Posted 6 March 2021 at 8:02 am

Press Release, Congressman Chris Jacobs

BUFFALO – Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) joined Assemblyman Dave DiPietro, R-East Aurora, at a news conference on Friday in Buffalo calling for New York schools to reopen for 100% in-person learning five days a week.

“The impact school closures have had on our children is devastating. A new report shows an estimated 3,000,000 children have gone missing from classes. Grades and test scores are slipping, and mental health problems are rising drastically,” Jacobs said. “Our teachers have worked hard, but they cannot overcome the inherent constraints of virtual learning, especially in rural areas with limited internet access. Kids need in-person education, social interaction, and full access to school resources and support systems.”

“The Biden administration has flip-flopped on this issue, and just last week, Democrats refused to help us advance policies that would fund an expedited return to school for our students. Republicans introduced over half a dozen amendments to the COVID relief package to open schools. Democrats rejected them unanimously,” Jacobs said. “In addition, we offered a motion to redirect $140 million away from subway construction to needed mental health services for at-risk students; once again, Democrats rejected this effort. We need to get politics out of the classroom and get kids back in. We know how to do this safely; let’s follow the science and open our schools.”