Jacobs votes to keep funding federal government until Dec. 11

Staff Reports Posted 23 September 2020 at 12:54 pm

‘Congress cannot continue to govern crisis to crisis’

U.S. Rep. Chris Jacobs of Clarence voted to fund the government through December 11. Jacobs and the House of Representatives approved the deal in a 359-57 vote.

Jacobs issued this statement on Tuesday night:

“Today the American people were left worrying their government would shut down during a pandemic, families worried about school lunch program cuts, and farmers braced to go longer without critical aid,” Jacobs said.

“When Speaker Pelosi first introduced this bill, it excluded key programs to address these issues. I am proud to have stood with my Republican colleagues to fight for the inclusion of Commodity Credit Corporation funding for Western New York farmers and additional nutrition assistance for school age kids.

“While I am proud to have secured this vital aid and voted in favor of this bill to provide necessary stability to the American people during this pandemic – the dysfunctional budget process that led us to this point is not acceptable. Congress cannot continue to govern crisis to crisis, and I will work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to secure a more sustainable process for funding the government in the future.”

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