Jacobs votes for National Defense Authorization Act

Posted 8 December 2021 at 3:27 pm

Press Release, Congressman Chris Jacobs

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Chris Jacobs (NY-27) issued a statement after he voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2022 (S. 1605).

Notably, Rep. Jacobs’ legislation, the Reservists Opportunity Act, was included and will be signed into law by the President. Additionally, Rep. Jacobs successfully stopped Democrats from including red flag gun laws in the final version of this legislation.

After the Senate began its deliberation of the NDAA, Jacobs joined other Republican members in sending a letter calling for the removal of Section 529, which would create “red flag” orders within the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Following his advocacy, this provision was removed from the final version of this bill. That letter can be found here.

Jacobs’ legislation, the Reservists Opportunity Act (H.R. 5063), would allow for members of the Army Reserves and National Guard to access the Army’s “Tour of Duty” system from personal devices, greatly improving access and making it easier for reservists and guardsmen to access active-duty opportunities. Currently, this system can only be accessed at locations with Department of Defense (DoD) network access.

Jacobs issued the following statement:

“America’s military and national defense face numerous challenges ahead: President Biden’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan has created a new safe haven for terrorists, China continues to build a military capable of disrupting the international order, and threats in cyberspace grow each day. To answer these threats, the FY22 NDAA fully funds our military, supports counterterrorism, gives our troops a much-needed pay raise, and funds the procurement of essential equipment and vehicles for our service members. Locally, this legislation authorizes a new main gate at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station and requires the Department of Defense to report on PFAS remediation efforts at the base.

“Additionally, I am proud to announce my legislation, the Reservists Opportunity Act, was included in the NDAA. This bill is a major win for our citizen-soldiers and will provide them easier access to active-duty opportunities. This will greatly improve our military readiness and retention.

“Finally, I am proud to have worked with my colleagues to successfully remove an anti-gun red flag provision included in an earlier version of this legislation. I have always been a strong defender of the Second Amendment, and this victory once again ensures the American people are protected from unconstitutional gun laws.

“The National Defense Authorization Act sets our military up for success and ensures they are fully prepared to take on any challenge facing our nation. I will continue to support our military, improve access to new opportunities for our soldiers, and protect our Second Amendment in Congress.”